About Us

Hey Pleb,

We're here to Boost the Signal in a world filled with noise. To tell the truth about a better lifestyle.

Years of propaganda have led people away from a lifestyle that will make them happier, healthier, and wealthier.

People are afraid of the sun and red meat. They think lifting weights is only for vanity. They don’t understand Bitcoin and how it benefits them.

Getting sunshine on your skin and interacting with nature is healthy for your mind and body. 

Quality animal products, especially red meat are nourishing for the human body.

Regenerative agriculture replenishes topsoil and improves the ecology and environments destroyed by industrial farming practices. 

Resistance training is the best way to prevent the majority of modern diseases. It’s also the best tool for optimal mental health, increased longevity, and quality of life. 

Bitcoin is the best form of money to increase your purchasing power over time. The easiest way to beat inflation.

You can spend it freely on whatever you want. A person, corporation, or government can't steal it from you.

The current Fiat system is failing us. Sun, steak, steel, and Bitcoin is how you opt out and take back control of your future.

We're rooting for you to win at Life!

Currently this is a one person operation. My name is Nate Olmstead and I created this site in November 2023 as a personal project with some downtime in between jobs.

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